ZynVaded! EVO
Kyll'al and Sav'm
Species: Zyn. The Zyn are an insect race of aliens, ranging from 1/2" to over
6" in height. They're divided into a Corps system, which decides what their
jobs will be in the hive, and are genetically bred for their assigned functions.
They generally have 4 arms, 2 legs and one head, but there have been
variants to this template based upon the needs of the hive. They have an
exoskeleton protecting them from harm, to which they attach extra plating or
equipment, depending on their caste assignment or mission needs.  Those
who have encountered the Zyn on Earth have noted that they are deceptively
strong.  This is due to the increased gravity on their home world.

Lifespan: Unimpeded, the Zyn can live up to 30+ years, with the longer lived
ones generally being in the ruling/leadership castes, although it isn't unheard
of for lower caste members to live longer lives given the right conditions.

Homeworld: Zyn, an M-class planet on the far side of the universe, past the
furthest reaches of known space. It is 3/5ths the size of Earth, with a gravity
over 3 times that of our world. It has 3 moons (G'Rek, Tha'lyl and V'Rism) that
orbit the planet in a pattern similar to those of electrons circling an atom.

History: The Zyn that exist today are the result of millions of years of
"intelligent evolution." They come from humble origins, starting out as many
separate species of what would be insects on their planet. They were far from
the dominant life form, but as they slowly developed intelligence they set
about to change that. As their intellectual abilities grew, they realized that if
they wished to not only survive, but to rule at the top of the food chain, they
would need to develop methods to "force" evolutionary changes in

Understanding that this would require all species to cooperate, the smartest
hives reached out for alliances. Once agreements were reached, and super-
hives started to form, any species opposed to the alliance were either
destroyed outright or subjugated into a labor caste. Once the species were
aligned as the Zyn Collective, they began to tinker with the genetics of future
castes, creating the basis of the system that is now currently in place. They
combined the best traits of each species, and applied them to each necessary
function in the hive, making the first specialist castes. As technology got
more advanced, they would fine-tune the genetic makeup of the assigned
caste to increase their efficiency with it.

In addition, they developed a subliminal teaching system to train the new
members of each caste while still in the Grubz phase of their development.
This ensured that members were ready upon gestating into their adult forms
to assume their roles in the hive. This system has made the Zyn the top life
form on their world, as well as dozens of conquered planets. This has also
been what's created the homogeneous look of the Zyn, as all elements of the
prior species have been bred out over the millions of years since the Zyn
Collective formed.

Over time, the caste system has since been worked into a Corps System,
where each type of Zyn has a respective Corps that they are a part of, like the
Sergeantz’ Corps, the Heavy Machine-gunnerz Corps, etc. This was due, in
large part, to the more militaristic role the Zyn Collective started to take once
they began interplanetary exploration and domination.

The Zyn have traveled to our planet looking to conquer us and gain control of
our resources, as they tend to burn through them at a rather fast pace. Upon
their arrival on Earth, they realized they had received some incorrect
information from faulty probes as to our exact size. After landing earth-side,
they established a beachhead in the basement of a Chinese restaurant in the
Midwest, and began using the restaurant’s take-out deliveries to spread
combat teams out to gather intelligence. Once they had a full measure of
what awaited them, approximately half the fleet decided that they wanted no
part of an invasion that seemed doomed from the get-go! They began to
unofficially call themselves Sav'm (as in "Savin' our butts"), and worked
toward the goal of a peaceful, non-confrontational integration on our world.
The remainder of the fleet, now calling themselves Kyll'al (as in "Kill 'em all,
let Zred'Gaz sort 'em out!"), refuse to back-off the original plan; to subjugate
and/or destroy the human race and loot the goodies after. This has led to both
sides engaging in armed actions against one another, with both looking to
gain total control over the fleet to determine the next official course of action.

Each combat team is comprised of a Leader, a Support and a Scout class
warrior. The Leaderz are usually the rank of Sergeant, but Captainz and
Commanderz are known to run ops, as well. Each brings their own unique
Talentz or abilities to the field and all are well-qualified for their mission.
Support warriors do exactly that; they support. Using heavy weapons, such as
machine-guns or rocket pods, or other needed functions like Medicz, they
back-up the members of their team. Scoutz are the light and quick member of
the team, and are often specialists in a field, such as Sniperz, Swordzmen or
even Recon troopers. They're often picked based upon the type of mission
being conducted, using Sniperz for long-range target elimination, Swordzmen
for stealthy, up-close ops and Recon to help locate vital targets.