CryBaby Decoyz

CryBaby Decoyz

CryBaby Decoyz

The latest from Zyn-Tek Inc.- The CryBaby Decoy! Need to lure those pesky Zed-Bugz away? Or just generally annoy the neighbors? The new CryBaby Decoy emits a high pitch wail sure to draw in all but the furthest away Zedz or completely alienate your nearest friends and neighbors. Another Hunter getting close to your prize? Not today Pal! Toss a CryBaby next to him and watch the fun as he is mercilessly attacked as all the Zedz go after him! Bye bye baby, that’s a CryBaby! Order now!

2 CryBaby figures w/3 Grenades each for use with Hunterz. Figure supplied unpainted with stat sheet.

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