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Zaut'Ja is a member of the Skayl'z, a race of reptilian aliens that also call the planet Zyn home, albeit a slightly smaller specimen than the majority of his race. When the Zyn sent an expedition force to locate a new planet, the Skayl'z sent scouts to follow. Zaut'Ja's pod took him to Earth, where he searched for 3 years before finally happening upon a Zyn strike team scouting the area he had settled in. Having spent so long on his own and away from the rest of his tribe, Zaut'Ja was changed; he no longer sees the Zyn as his enemy or food, but rather as a means to survive this odd, new world. As such, he will hire out to a strike team in return for supplies and lodging, but never as a replacement for a member of that team. He may be a Mercz operative now, but he is still a Skayl'z deep down, and the Zyn will always be a little wary of him.

Mercz figure option for use with any Faction. Figure supplied unpainted.

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