Zed By Daylight - Killer Bundle

Zed By Daylight - Killer Bundle

Zed By Daylight - Killer Bundle

Includes the variant Killa model in addition to the included model! 

Attention Zyn! We have a critical failure of our main power grid. The emergency back ups are not strong enough to keep the Zed-Be-Gone fields surrounding our base functioning! The area has been plunged into total darkness! You've got to get out there and repair those generators before the hordes of Zeds are able to breach the field. Be careful, we have reports of an incredibly powerful Zed bug who has somehow been able to get past the barrier. Watch yourselves out there, but more importantly get those generators back up and running before daylight.

Zed By Daylight is a stand alone game in the ZynVaded!EVO universe. Everything two to five players need to play is contained within this box.

The four generators are lettered on the bottom as are the repair components so players never know which component goes to which generator until they try to repair them. Who will prevail? Will the players gen the generators repaired before daylight? Will the Killa prevent them from completing their task? The intensity is high, the clock is ticking, and you are being hunted!

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