ZynVaded! EVO Don’t Let the Zed-Bugz Bite!

ZynVaded! EVO Don’t Let the Zed-Bugz Bite!

ZynVaded! EVO Don’t Let the Zed-Bugz Bite!

ZynVaded!™ EVO is a 1/1 scale miniatures game where you literally fight battles on a table top (or desktop, or countertop, or wherever) set in our own world! In it, you assume the role of an inches-high, insectile alien race, or their enemies, waging war on our planet, with the spirit of the game meant to invoke the feeling of an old Saturday morning cartoon. In the Don't Let The Zed-Bugz Bite! Expansion, you'll take Hunterz through a variety of Missionz into Zyn-fected zones on your tables, countertops and cubicles in a survival horror-ish style setting!

In this stand-alone expansion you play as a single Hunter, looking to clear out hostile Zed-Bugz, Zed-Grubz and other ghoulish little monstrosities on your Missionz to recover items, rescue fellow Zyn/Terra or just simply clean house of the vile un-Zed!

The ZynVaded!™ EVO Presents: Don't Let The Zed-Bugz Bite! Starter Set comes with the following:

  • 2 Hunterz figures
  • 2 CryBaby Decoy figures w/3 Grenades each
  • 3 Zed-Bugz figures
  • 4 Zed-Grubz figures
  • 2 D10 dice
  • 2 Pencils
  • 1 Tape Measure
  • Rulez Booklet, Expansion Booklet, and Stat Sheets

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