The Terra are the mutated insects and arachnids native to Earth. They generally have 4 arms, 2-4 legs and one head, but there have been variants to this template based upon the mutating effects of the Zyn radiation and the origin species of insect or arachnid. This radiation has caused many of the Terra to grow in size, ranging in height from 1/2” to 6”. They have an exoskeleton protecting them from harm, to which they attach extra plating or equipment, but where the Zyn do it based upon mission or Corps assignment, the Terra seem to do it out of personal inclination and preference. The Terra, much like the Zyn, are deceptively strong. Additionally, an added side-effect of the radiation has been, what can only be described as, an ability to wield magic in some members.

Scout slot figure option for use with the Terra Faction. Figure supplied unpainted with 3 trap tokenz and stat sheet.

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