Species: The Terra are the mutated insects and arachnids native to Earth. They generally have 4 arms, 2-4 legs and one head, but there have been variants to this template based upon the mutating effects of the Zyn radiation and the origin species of insect or arachnid. This radiation has caused many of the Terra to grow in size, ranging in height from 1/2” to 6”. They have an exoskeleton protecting them from harm, to which they attach extra plating or equipment, but where the Zyn do it based upon mission or Corps assignment, the Terra seem to do it out of personal inclination and preference. The Terra, much like the Zyn, are deceptively strong. Additionally, an added side-effect of the radiation has been, what can only be described as, an ability to wield magic in some members.

Lifespan: Unimpeded, the Terra can presumably live up to 30+ years, based upon what is known of Zyn lifespans.

Homeworld: Earth, an M-class planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. It has 1 moon that orbits the planet.

History: Upon their arrival on our planet, the Zyn began using Earth bugs as an easy and abundant labor force. They were made to be beasts of burden, used for carrying weapons and equipment for their new masters. Over time, the insects were exposed to the odd radiation given off by the Zyn's ships and machinery, which started to force their evolution. It started with an increase in intelligence, and developed from there into a physical change. They started to walk upright on 2-4 legs, grew opposable thumbs and began to develop their own crude tools. Once they evolved to the point where they could think clearly for themselves, they started to plan their escape from servitude to the Zyn. The Terra started by stashing odds and ends, making hidden caches of old weapons, armor and other necessary equipment. Much of it was damaged or outdated, so it wasn't often missed, and if anyone asked the whereabouts of a missing item, the Terra played dumb. The Zyn, not realizing how intelligent their underlings had become, dismissed any losses as being due to the Terra's diminished intellect. By the time they realized their mistake, it was far too late. The Terra began a mass uprising in unison, using the Zyn's own communication network to organize behind their backs. Once it began, it was brutal and swift, and the losses to both sides were staggering, especially considering how crude most of the Terra's equipment was. While most of the Terra escaped, there are pockets of them still under Zyn control around the world. The Terra have created a formidable force to contest the Zyn's claim on Earth, and they won't stop fighting until every last invader is gone.

The Terra have borrowed a lot from their former masters, but with their own twist. Each Terra combat team is comprised of a Leader, a Support and a Scout class warrior, like a standard Zyn unit, except that the Leaderz are usually a magic user of some ability. Terra Support warriors do provide support, but their most prominent role is as bodyguards for the Leaderz, using a combination of brute force and heavy weaponry. Scoutz are still the light and quick members of the team, and are specialists in the fields of hunting or assassination, among others. They, like their Zyn counterparts, are often picked based upon the type of mission being conducted.

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