The Skittering Dead

Species: The Zed-Bugz are the reanimated casualties of the many Zyn battles on Earth, both Zyn and Terra. The bodies are usually disfigured due to injuries, limb loss, or modifications made to them, but they generally have 4 arms, 2 legs and one head. They have an exoskeleton that helps to protect them from further harm, to which they still, usually, have extra plating or equipment attached from their former life. The Zedz (as they are often called by both Zyn and Terra alike) are deceptively strong, often more so than their living counterparts. An odd side-effect of the Zedz reanimation has given a select few the ability to not only control their fellow Zedz, but also to wield a form of death magic; a dark, horrible power.

Lifespan: Unknown. The Zed-Bugz are already dead, so it is hard to determine how long their "un-life" will last.

Homeworld: Various. 

History: The Zed-Bugz started out life as ordinary Zyn and Terra warriors. At some point, they were killed by, or in proximity to, standard Earth pesticides. The chemicals react oddly to the unique physiologies of both species, causing the dead bodies of both to reanimate in a zombie-like state. A rare few exposed to the chemicals don't completely die, but instead go to the very edge of death, gaining the ability to wield dark, death magicz or grant them enhanced Abilities. They become enslaved to the pesticide's effects, and must continue to inhale or ingest them to keep alive, utilizing respiration systems or feeding tubes to do so. 

The Zedz don't follow the standard composition for their forces that the Zyn and Terra do. Each Zed-Bugz combat team is comprised of a Leader, typically a Necromancer-type, who controls their forces with their death magicz. The Support slot is typically filled by a couple standard Zedz, but has at times been comprised of a specialist that has retained some advanced knowledge from their former life. Scouts are often made up of several Zed-Grubz, slightly larger and more feral than typical Grubz. Occasionally, slightly more specialized Zedz will fill this slot, in addition to or in place of the Zed-Grubz. 

It's not unheard of for Zyn or Terra forces to stumble upon entire Hive complexes or open areas overrun with Zedz, shambling about without focus beyond finding an easy meal. Most times, they cross off the hive or area as a loss, quarantine the area, bomb it out and move on. Other times, there's valuable tech or information that needs to be recovered, and they have no choice but to send in Hunterz, Zyn or Terra specially trained to perform missions deep in Zedz-infested territory. These individuals bring unique Talentz and skills to the job, and are typically the ones sent in, but it's not unheard of for a regular Zyn or Terra warrior to attempt the job.

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